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by Dave Ferrell 22 Jan 2024

So, Gladiator Tires (or XCOMP by Gladiator) is under the parent company of API, or American Pacific Industries. This was started way back in 1982 by a guy named Jeff Kreitzman, who wanted to build a tire company that was more about the consumer, starting with the consumer and working backward into the production of tires. And he did really well with this.

Now obviously, there are a ton of different things that go into being a leader in the tire industry, including engineering, designing, testing, et cetera. Well, Gladiator does it all in-house, and that's a big plus when it comes to comparing them when you're looking at different tires. They test the quality of the tires, the noise that those tires make, and the balancing of the tires all in-house, so what you end up with is a quality tire that you can actually stand behind, and actually works when you take it out into the market.

Gladiator's incredible track record has been proven time and time again with their truck and commercial tires, so in 2016, they launched their Powersports Division to start making tires for guys like us. The Powersports division of Gladiator Tires has seen a ton of growth lately, as they have ambassadors, influencers, and racers out there running these tires and putting them to the test.

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