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by Dave Ferrell 22 Jan 2024

In the ATV/UTV world, if Can-Am isn't at the top of the game, it has a claim to the throne year in and year out. Millions of powersports enthusiasts trust Can-Am every day, expecting the kind of power, precision, performance and handling that only the best machines in the business can provide, and that's what Can-Am will promise with its upcoming Maverick R.

The Maverick R is the latest in the long line of Can-Am's iconic Maverick lineup, and it has quite a few new tricks up its sleeve to give you the much-needed upgrades you've been asking for, both inside and out. Join Function Powersports below as we take you on the grand tour of the new 2024 Maverick R!

We'll start by taking a look at the engine, and not gonna lie, we're off to a good start. The 2024 Maverick R will feature a turbo three-cylinder Rotax 999c motor, capable of producing an industry-best 240 horsepower - more than enough to get you through the roughest of conditions easily.

Harnessing all this power is a seven-speed Rotax DCT transmission, which you can operate either as an automatic or manual, thanks to wheel-mounted paddle shifters. For added control over your drive the Maverick R will feature three distinct driving modes: Normal, Sport and Sport+. Sport+ in particular offers an Advanced Response Technology (ART) system that can boost throttle response and help you make full use of the turbocharger.

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